Rented Private Servers no longer keeping out banned players

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I own and admin multiple private servers in BF1, one under my account and two under two other emails. Recently, the admin tools ability to ban, remove, and keep the players out have stopped working. I maintain not only these servers but a file on every player we have banned, whether it is for blatant cheats or for harassment/racism, and players that fall under both categories (clearly cheating or just a toxic chatter) have been able to get into the server. The tools themselves are bugged because the buttons aren't visible, and there are many issues that have been growing but they still maintained their functionality so I just let it go as annoying but the new normal. Now, the ability and the functionality of the tools are gone.


Normal functionality of the admin tools allowed us to kick/ban a player from the "Players" tab. If they were banned, they were removed from the server and their name was automatically added to the "Ban List". If we added a player from the "Ban List" tab, the player was removed from the game and added to the "Ban List". If we banned a player and tried to ban them again (because we found them in a public server and wanted to make sure they were banned, for example) a screen would pop up that read "Could Not Ban Player".


Current functionality of the tools across multiple servers:


1. When we add a new player using the "Ban List" tab a screen pops up reading "Could Not Ban Player", even when it's 100% certain that player is not on the ban list. If you try to add the player to the ban list a second time, it adds them to the list. If you try to add their name again, it no longer says "Could Not Ban Player". (Started approximately 4-5 weeks ago)


2. When we try to ban a player using the "Players" tab a screen pops up reading "Could Not Ban Player". Sometimes the player is kicked (when we selected to ban them) from the server, sometimes they are not. This action never added them to the ban list. We would have to go through the issues in 1 to get the player on the ban list. (Started approximately 4-5 weeks ago)


3. Players are now entering the server despite being banned. It is players that are known cheats in addition to players that are banned for chat issues. If a player is kicked from the server using "Player List" and are on the ban list, they can still reenter the server if they are kicked. Sometimes they do not get kicked from the server and the process starts over again. If a player is banned from the server using "Player List" and are on the ban list, they can still reenter the server. Again, sometimes they do not get kicked from the server and the process starts over again. (Started approximately 2 weeks ago)


This issue came to my attention at approximately 11p EST on 9/23/19 because a player who is known for cheating was reported to be in one of the servers I admin. I know that this issue has been going on for two weeks, however, because I update and maintain the ban lists every 3 weeks to keep up with name changes (I updated the lists on 9/4/19) and a player who I banned for chat was in the server 2 weeks ago. If I could share the VOD from twitch I would, but it was already deleted. This detail slipped my mind until the incident with the hacker entering the server and my maintenance on the ban lists on 9/24/19.


On top of this issue, when a player is banned for extreme harassment/toxicity I add them to my origin block list so I would not have to deal with them in public servers. This feature used to keep their chats hidden for in game chat. This feature also no longer works. Any player on an origin block list is free to communicate with the player that blocked them. As this issue started at approximately the same time as the ban lists breaking, I felt it was important to include it. (Started approximately 2 weeks ago)


I only have videos of a banned player being in the server and how the "Ban List" tab is broken. I can reproduce the other bugs without issue if necessary.


These bugs happen in the server that is under my email/account and in servers that are not under my email/account but where I admin.


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    and they are getting ready to bring this mess to BFV.
  • Blackie03
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    It's probably because the ban list is full. You will have to clean out so old bans in order to create new one's. Same thing happen on our server.
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