[Megathread] Battlefield 4 and Cheating Discussion

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Hey all,

We do understand encountering cheaters causes a negative impact on your gaming experience. We want to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts about cheating and what can be done to combat it. Any feedback you may have can be posted in this thread. When posting your comments, please remember:
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  • Don't name & shame other players
  • Be constructive
Keep in mind we don't speak for the anti-cheat team on these forums. While we can forward your feedback, we won't be able to comment directly on ongoing efforts to combat cheating.

Lastly, this is a gentle reminder that our forums are not the place to report in-game cheating. If you'd like to report a user, please follow the steps as listed in this article: 

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  • Sirtoastalot
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    Hi EA_Tom,

    It seems that the anti-cheat systems for Battlefield 4 are broken - cheaters are still running rife, but innocent players are being banned for no valid reason(s). Even Balance and the PunkBuster system are not fit-for-purpose.

    Can you please look into the massive False Positive Punk Buster situation, a lot of players of Battlefield 4 have been issued global bans simply for running Windows 7 and updating various bits of software and drivers.
    This massive thread should not be ignored:

    Even Balance are of no help, and EA Help plus Support staff cannot resolve these problems. During a recent phone conversation with an EA Customer Services agent, I was told to contact Executives and Staff members at DICE and Electronic Arts via social media in order to make them aware of this situation. You would think that there would be some sort of internal communication system in place at a global corporation with revenues in the billions. Why would a customer be expected to chase these matters in an independent fashion?

  • aRareMonster
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    Thanks USMCss07 and Sirtoastalot. That pretty much sums it up. I am surprised your posts haven't received more up-votes.

    Tom, do you know what is worse than cheaters in a game? Being banned for some obscure, non-defined reason, but not having cheated and then being told over and over than there is nothing they - EA - can do. And the body responsible for your troubles takes forever to give you a negative response most of the time. I am being cheated twice.
    I paid for the Deluxe version of BF4, and then purchases the Premium license. Later, I bought my 11 year old a Premium license so I could game with my kid, on another account.
    Only, my Deluxe and Premium licenses are tied to the same account, and the keys to both copies are useless. YAY.
    For the record, it is only AFTER this debacle that I have started to play the single player campaign. For 10 mins. That was it. BF4 to me was a great, fun way to relax after a long week. There have been times, I have seen some weird crap going on, but I didn't complain. I didn't have proof.  I have had mostly great laughs, and a few aggravating moments playing BF4, but what ruined it for me, was EA's inaction and EB's lack of support, not the cheaters.

  • fearoshima
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    Very valid points above

    I have the impression that EA deliberately ignoring cheaters to kill of the game.  

    It is possible to report players as cheaters on Battlelog  but from my experience nothing is being done about it,  I seen cheaters with the same name/account keep playing for months after my report blatantly hacking. This is not on private servers, its on the quick mach EA official servers...
    Maybe you should actually do something about these players. 

    Also you could add a feature that you can report players within the game, which doesn't exist in BF4. Really simple solution easily done other games do it.

  • USMCss07
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    It has been over a month and half since you started this pinned threat, EA_Tom. We the community desire a rebuttal from you and or yours regarding what we have specifically and narrowly defined as the largest issue we face: erroneous bans by your agent EvenBalance. Although the thread is lengthy: you and yours need to respond to the community and those concerns stated in the pinned post on this subforum, of which I have also linked in my prior comment above.

    If in fact there is truth that accounts have been stolen and then used by the thieves to cheat: we need to know. If in fact EvenBalance is erroneously banning players (with no recourse or remedy for your customers): we need to know. Thus far, your Support department has stated to many players that their accounts have not been compromised in any manner by a thief/hacker. If you and yours would care to investigate, you will also find that Evenbalance is unaware or incapable of stating the facts as to what triggered their software to initiate a ban of a players GUID and thereby remove said players ability to play the game in the multiplayer/online environment that the majority purchased the game to so do.
  • SgtStryker64
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    USMCss07 said:

    If in fact there is truth that accounts have been stolen and then used by the thieves to cheat: we need to know.

    Well, I am one of those who's account had been hacked / stolen by some asshat from Italy. Took me almost a month to figure out what happened to my account after receiving a global ban. What I finally did was log into my Battlelog account, where I found the cheater had changed my player avatar and was still playing using my 140 level account. After sending messages to EA trying to explain what happened and getting the hacker thrown off my account, nothing apparently could be done so I decided to delete the account and start fresh by purchasing the game again. It was a bit fun looking up the hacker (name is "WGG Uguale85", and seeing him playing as a level 36 First Sergeant.

    Account stealing is real, but no one seems able to do anything about it. If anyone finds themselves on the receiving end of a global ban, and did nothing to earn that, then they should check their Battlelog and see if their user name or password have been changed or anything out of the ordinary.

    Lastly, has anyone had trouble logging in to a BF4 server since yesterday? I tried to play on one of my favorite servers and it showed "logging in" but stayed that way for over 10 minutes without change. The server wasn't near full at the time either so I just quit the game. Tried this on various servers and got the same.

  • Kunefa
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  • BigF33t_13
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    They aren't, and you're posting that here will just get you in trouble.
  • jeno32
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    Were are all the tdm Noshur canals maps on ps4 id rather not enter quikmatch it has domination,sq battles,plus there all empty anyway.People rent servers for fun on bf4 why not bring the classic map back
  • bishtop
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    USMCss07 said:
    Ok Tom, I'll bite:
    Let us start here: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/181804/master-discussion-thread-for-bf4-punkbuster-bans#latest

    The greatest concern players have is unmonitored servers (no admins) and the rampant cheating that occurs due to the ineffective nature of past and current anti-cheat programs. As you will find, if you care to read the above thread that I have added, that PB has caused a great deal of chaos (as your companies agent) with little to no "policing" by you, of yours. In fact; your consumers have been stolen from on many occasions due to what many believe to be erroneous bans by your agent Evenbalance, via their software Punkbuster. One of the foremost server owner/server admin/server side anti-cheat organisations, BF4DB, has recently announced that they will no longer enforce Punkbuster bans: "We have received conclusive evidence that proves Punkbuster is issuing erroneous violations on innocent players who just want to play the game. As an anti-cheat community, we have lost complete confidence in the company that was hired and paid to keep cheaters out of our game. BF4DB no longer believes Punkbuster has the players’ best interest at heart." There is a great deal of evidence that many players have been erroneously banned, however your company has failed to act.
    I will make mention here, that this is direct reflection on your company and its lack of care to do something about those many consumers that have had their ability to play (online) stolen from them by your agent in fact. It is reprehensible that a company of your stature will "shrug off" any culpability as a result of those actions of your agent, Evenbalance. What is more concerning: Punkbuster does not seem to stop the rampant cheating that is occurring and has occurred for quite some time now, albeit the occasional aimboter', while erroneously banning THOUSANDS of your paying customers accounts with zero recourse by those same consumers to rectify or prove they did no wrong. As I am hopeful that you are aware: neither your company or your agent Evenbalance will provide ANY proof or evidence whatsoever that a player was indeed cheating in order for the accused to defend themselves against a false-positive or erroneous accusation ("trigger of Punkbuster software").

    So, to effectively combat cheating: EA must first address the existing anti-cheat program that is used by 99% of active servers and these thousands of false-positive bans that have stolen your consumers ability to play the game. When and only when that is overcome: EA must reinforce the server admin anti-cheating communities, such as BF4DB or GGC-stream, or create a better anti-cheat service/software that is wholly owned by EA. However, and this may be intentional; BF4 has nearly died. This is due to several issues: both monetary for your company and due to so many players being wronged by you and yours...as previously stated, and therein the lack of sufficient anti-cheat software that actually bans cheaters...not clean players.

    With all of that said: no matter what is done going forward; anything that EA can do will most likely be in vain. IE> The damage has already been done, and there may be "no going back" for BF4 or currently playable prior versions.

    I have proposed many times over the years to simply redo the past Battlefield series games (including community created mod's ie. Desert Combat and Project Reality) with the latest graphics capabilities, FPS movement/aimed fire accuracy and newest/best available anti-cheat provisions. Your players came for the way Battlefield was in past iterations, BF1942, BFBC, BF2, BF3 etc. BF4 in the minds of most of your dedicated consumers was the last of the great versions of Battlefield. In our opinion, COD and their new attempt to compete with what your teams have created will definitely fall short of what we have enjoyed for many years, including the newer iterations: we enjoyed and would like to enjoy the Battlefield. That creates a great opportunity for your company and its profitability. If you were to re-create those past iterations that so many millions enjoyed, your company would again perhaps be the contemporary. I can speak for myself and many of the long time fans: I would pay good money for those re-creations and they would too. I can also tell you that I have not purchased any of your newer products (post BF4) as the do not remotely stack up to the game play found in any of your prior iterations. This would also give you the opportunity to reinvest in wholly owned anti-cheat technologies for those re-created versions from your past successes, thereby solving much of the issues the community (and your company) currently face that negatively effect the player gaming experience.
    The issue with this is that bf4db are saying that by checking players backgrounds ect leads them to believe that the players had not been cheating ! The problem here is that their are smart cheaters who do it to be only good and not stand out with a unbelievable k/d. its not just any old software that triggers it but mostly software which can alter the memory in some way 
  • DonnaW1998
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    Perhaps if Cheaters/Hackers were removed, permanently, that would help. I've just tried to report a hacker with SUPERPOWERS, but I found that I had already reported him before. So why is he still allowed to play???
  • DocCuda418
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    My entire platoon has come back to BF4 to get away from cheaters, sure they exist but its not the rage cheaters that exist on BFV. BFV is all but done now on PC. Every server now has players going 180-0. Its the wild west with no one ever being kicked. Same guys shut down a good 10-15 servers nightly and have done so since release. 

    So if anyone thinks EA is ever doing anything about cheating on BF4 you are mistaken. They wont even talk about it on BFV which has 10 times the cheaters with NO anti-cheat at all. 
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