Servers still dying after every single match

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It's friday night. Even with 20 active conquest servers running, the servers are still clearing out after every single match. It's not a lack of players. I'm 100% positive it's something else. There's something else that continuously leads players out of a server after every single match, and I have no idea what it is. I don't mess around with assignments or "missions" so maybe it's that. It's hard enough to get my friends in a server together waiting in a que, only for the server to die 5 minutes after we get there as soon as the map turns over. It's not a couple people leaving. It's 50% of the players or more. They don't immediately re-join either. It might take 200 tickets for players to re-fill the server. You can spend your entire day doing this in Battlefield 5. Joining a server with a que, match ends, half the server leaves, re-join another server and repeat. After it happened to us again tonight we just stopped playing. If somebody doesn't address this, I have no idea why anybody would take the DICE team seriously. This is game design 101. If your progression is influencing people to leave the server after every sing match to mess around with assignments or whatever, you're actively participating in the destruction of your own game. This is not how multiplayer FPS games are meant to be played. I shouldn't be switching servers after every single match.
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