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CHEATER UPRISING IN 2019(add vote to kick)

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Battlefield 1 is unplayable right now everygame ı got in is full of cheaters report dont do anything or taking a picture the EA s solution is reporting but there is a problem with that solution cheaters were reported get banned after several weeks and this ruins the game about several weeks do somthing EA the Valves Anti-Cheat imprves himself trought years but EAs fairfight thing is not improving its getting worse and worse maybe add vote to kick to servers so we can kick cheaters and stop ruining our games. like what ı said the games unplayeble at this point and every one of EA s game is full of cheaters and EA does nothing only says report thats the solution ? sit and sya only report we are doing all the job the ban these cheaters EA does nothing ı wasted my money on this and battlefront 1 and ı cant play it right now game is broken at the point :(


  • Titan_Awaken
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    Play on a community server with active admins. Haven't seen a cheater since 2017.

    EA doesn't care.
  • research-kitchen
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    I don't see many with active admins in the server I play in.
  • Ronin9572
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    I'm on PS4 mostly now, but I used to play mostly on PC awhile back. I know it can be frustrating to deal with cheaters and dealing with the game companies. But some of these ppl make it seem like half the population is cheating, but I'm sure some regions have more than others. What I'm getting at is too many ppl "cry wolf", and when this happens too many jump on that bandwagon. Aside from all that this is a 3yr old game and past its support cycle. Things aren't what used to be in the gaming community. Mostly it's the gaming companies we have to blame, but some of it is the players!
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