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It is still impossible to get a Firestorm solo lobby without the high-latency symbol in the UK...

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...since the UK servers were switched off. 

4 months ago I posted this thread  some people were experiencing similar issues.

In that thread tiggr asked for video evidence which I provided: https://streamable.com/ls7i8

I never did get a response and have continued to be connected to, what I can only assume, are US servers instead of EU servers. I think something is wrong where matchmaking thinks the UK is closer to New York than it is to Germany, or something equally stupid. Baring in mind this happens every.single.time, it isn't a case of occasionally joining a non-EU server, it is every single that has latency issues.

They really need an option to not look outside of your playable region as no one wants to play a Battle Royale with high ping.

Please help me get an answer from DICE here, I really enjoy playing Firestorm solo and I don't want to keep letting DICE get away with not giving Firestorm fans answers.

Also, bear in mind I'm on PC, not part of the heavily populated PS4 master race.

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