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Could someone pls explain why I'm only getting half a dozen sites, but every now and then I get the full page. Are you so spiteful you would mess with my game. I'm housebound and it's all I have, so I hope you feel real good.
Sick of bullying admin who are there for the benefit of players and not to ban anyone that moves.
Yeah I know I've been warned, and yet I was making comments to moderator so you don't follow your own rules.
Furthermore, there seems quite a few people with similar issues to me and they have been getting the same poor attitude.
I fairly sure that we are covered under consumer law and if goods are not fit for purpose we are entitled to complain. So I for one am not being bullied by employees of the company I have a dispute with.
If you could let me know what has happened to my game I would appreciate it.
Ty dfs050365


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    1. Locking thread for talking about moderation which is against the forum rules.
    2. This is not the right place to contact EA, EA help is located at help.ea.com
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