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Battlefield Vietnam NEXT!

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Battlefield Vietnam is the most appropriate title for the current timeline we are on. It only makes sense. After WW1, there was WW2, after WW2, there was Vietnam. In addition, we haven't had a full Vietnam game in a very long time, the last being a small EPIC expansion to BFBC2 with limited maps and weapons, as well as being on the older Frostbite 1.5 engine which is now considered clunky. We did get a small taste of Vietnam with "Operation Outbreak" community operations free download in BF4. But this was not enough being it was just a map to play on. Bad Company 3 is also due, but it can wait. Hopefully it feels like the last two Bad Company games, everything since BF3 feels so real, and that's why I suggest that the NEXT game be Vietnam due to the current timeline of the actual wars in history and the timeline of the current graphics style. Bad Company felt more like an actual video game, this new stuff feels too real. And that is EXACTLY how Vietnam should feel. TAKE EM OFF THE ****** GRID! Give us the real Vietnam! Obey the historical timelines of wars, and make a FULL Battlefield Vietnam Game. Extensive as BF1 and BFV. Don't forget to add in the squealing rock and roll music to vehicles again, and bring back F4 Phantoms with Napalm. Bayonet feature would be epic on AK47 and M16/SP1. Vietnam would still use a lot of WW2 weapons and equipment, just as BFV uses a lot of BF1 weapons. After Nam, DICE can drop Bad Company 3 and after BFBC3, should be a futuristic title. Fulfill the prophecy!


  • HawkeyeAM47
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    The next title will be cold war era but with the bad company name...
    Here's hoping.
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