Floating/Ghostly blackish floating allies and enemies + screen goes black after match +more (PS4)

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Ever since last patch, I have been experiencing floating black enemies and allies during matches. (TDM, CQ, breakthrough)...sometimes i cant even pull my guns out. Just turn into a sprinting [removed] who can throw grenades. My guess is the skins i have been earning and equipping. (gold platted iron sites for the KE7 support class weapon for ex.) Screen also goes to black after each match as well. have to restart game to play again. This has become Absolutely frustrating and unplayable. I got through about 4 matches today with the support class, but then as soon as i switched to Medic, game went to [removed]. If anyone can give me a little advice before i hang myself with my HDMI cable, that would be GREAT. ([removed] EA, get people working for you that actually give a [removed]). Love, Me. 
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