Please could we end the time limited... everything?

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A few weeks ago, I was thinking about Anthem. As one of the unfortunate souls that bought the game (well, pre ordered the Legion of Dawn Edition to be precise), I quit a few weeks after launch with the realization that the game was exceptionally lacking in content. Recently, they added the Cataclysm event into the game, which added quite a few new things. If I had space on my PS4, I probably would have tried it.

BioWare planned for the Cataclysm to be a time limited event. Something they would add into the game, leave for a few weeks, and then remove. That is what made me think. Isn't there something a little futile about spending money and resources to create content for a game, then remove it after a few weeks? There is no net gain. Especially with a game like Anthem, which is low on content, the idea of removing something the developers had added seemed a little ridiculous. But then I realized... Battlefield V does exactly the same thing.

So that's what this half-request, half-rant will be about. Battlefield V's time limitations.

I have played Battlefield V since the Beta. Whenever new content is available, I try to unlock it. So far, I have almost everything (free, at least) the game has to offer. Almost all the skins, almost all the melee weapons, etc. Ive only missed out on a few Tides of War levels last time. I completed the most recent one though.

If I were someone else, and I decided to buy Battlefield V today... my experience would be very different. Id buy the game, install its updates, and find only a few weapons, vehicles and maps added into the game since launch. The bulk of the content, at least in number anyway, would be completely unavailable to me. There would be people in the game using skins and melee weapons I physically couldnt access. The "top to bottom customization" which was promised iirc in the My Company trailer is already non-existent in the game, but for new players it would be far worse.

The time limited Tides of War rewards in Battlefield V ultimately means new and old players have differing levels of content in their games, and Im not sure that's a good thing. Imo, its more overtly bad. Even if you don't play the game for a month will cause this difference to form.

By comparison, Ive been playing Battlefront II recently. I haven't played it in a very long time, several months. The only thing I have missed in my absence is one character skin. One. Nothing else has been removed from the game, things have only been added. Being absent from Battlefield V for the same amount of time would mean missing several Tides of Wars, each containing several character skins, several weapon skins, several vehicle skins, some melee weapons, and you would need to purchase any weapons and vehicles added into the game with Company Coin whereas other players would have earned them for free. Imo, all of that adds up to a lot of content, none of which will ever be seen again. Battlefield V takes up around 100GB on my PS4, and remarkably little of that data seems to be permanently in the game.

This seems to be a trend among other games I play that have post-launch content added vs Battlefield V. In other games, when content is added, it's added... period. Even AC Odyssey has added new quests after launch, in the form of 'Lost Tales of Greece'. Not one among them was time limited: they are there for me to complete months later.

Personally, Tides of War causes some mixed feelings for me. I do like the idea, but the reality is that it needs an amount of dedication I can't really give. The Chapter XP requirements are so high it always takes me at least a month, usually more, of dedicated playing of Battlefield V to unlock everything added into the game - if its even possible. After playing nothing but Battlefield V for a month or more, I always feel tired of the game and I have to quit playing for a time, because I start to find it more frustrating than fun. This harms not only my enjoyment, but my engagement with the game and my willingness to play. If things were more relaxed, without time limitation, I would be able to play more enthusiastically and without large breaks between Tides of War, potentially boosting my play time because I would no longer need such a long break.

Tides of War is not the only thing time limited in Battlefield V. There is also the Armory, which refreshes around once a week (I don't know the exact number of days, sorry - it seems to be somewhere around 5?).

I admit I'm maybe not the intended player for purchasing microtransactions. I think I have some sense about money, and I know they are always terrible value. The only microtransactions Ive ever purchased belong to Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and I purchased them to say thank you to the developers for making a wonderful RPG-like experience, with a wonderful character for me to play, and same-sex romance options. I purchased microtransactions because the game they released was one of the best new games Ive played in a long time, and I saw it like giving a tip at a restaurant for a good service.

In Battlefield V, I am less... motivated to purchase microtransactions. Not only because the gameplay could be better (mostly server/TTK related issues), the time limited content (ironically) and the character customization isn't really in the place I want it to be, but because of the store refreshing every week.

If I were to purchase Battlefield currency to buy a particular outfit, the next store update could contain something Id want even more. Im unable to see the upcoming items in any way, and rather than motivating me to buy both... I just wont buy either. What's the point when something even better could be added in a few days? It creates an everlasting loop of "Eh, Ill wait" that never involves a purchase. I don't want to feel pressured to buy something, because if I am... I just won't buy it.

Speaking of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, in that game all microtransaction packs are available to view at all times, from launch to the newest content.  Nothing is on a rotation cycle... it just is. And it makes me far more likely to purchase something. I can see what I want to buy, and buy what I want to buy at any time. Simple.

So, in conclusion: the time limited everything in Battlefield V harms my enjoyment of the game, my engagement, my play time... it means new players wont get a complete experience, and Ill be less likely to purchase any microtransactions due to the store rotation. I honestly think the game would be better if things were added into the game... and left there for everyone to unlock/enjoy?

So what's my solution?

Well, I think the event on-going right now is better than Tides of War. Imo, Chapter XP should be removed and completing challenge nodes should reward Company Coins instead. I think "weekly challenges" should stay, just without the weekly time limit - completing one could unlock new weapons and content in the same way as it does now, but could exist as a permanent feature so the "weekly" Tides of War content could be unlocked by everyone, no matter when they started to play. This would also allow more diversity in the challenges to complete different nodes, as there would be no need to make them easy enough to complete within a week.

The content that would usually be added as Chapter Rewards up to level 40 could be instead applied to the progression system after level 50, and rather than nothing more than a constant supply of company coins, more exciting things could be unlocked as you level up such as skins and melee weapons, improving the progression system and eventually, we could have every level in the game unlocking new content for all players to enjoy. Obviously I think the store rotation should also be removed, with all microtransaction purchases available at all times within the Armory.

For me, all of this would vastly improve the game, and make me feel far more positively about the new progression system, Tides of War and things overall. Removing the 'urgency' in Battlefield V would allow me to focus more on enjoying the game, than unlocking the content to enjoy the game. I hope that makes sense.


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    I couldn't agree with you more!

    I have Odyssey as well, and DLC comparison between the two is a good one. Although ACO is single player as opposed to BF5 multiplayer. But in my mind that makes no difference.

    By the way,

    Long post, but well written.
  • A_al_K_pacino_A
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    I like the idea of flipping the ToW and rank rewards.

    I guess the time limits can motivate as many as it puts off but it does seem weird that late adopters have no chance getting certain items, that will put some people off buying the game.

    Paying extra money after the original outlay should be for the reasons you outline. pay to win or time pressured rewards are getting it all wrong.
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