So almost year since launch and no BFV Companion

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This is rather annoying to me as I would like to see my stats for more than just Battlefield 1 and 4 via my phone. I saw a post about this already asking the same question and it was open discussion until a moderator saw it and said that every feature is already available in-game on Battlefield V for people to see their total kills with each individual weapons and what not, as if people don't need or want a companion app for the game. He then used his totally deserved moderator privileges to forcefully close the useful discussion and cover it in dirt. Battlelog and the Companion App have always been useful for looking at interesting things on the go, like showing buddies your stats and the cool feature where you could just choose to go without a primary weapon or take out certain items from your class to challenge yourself. I can't show my friends my real stats throughout BF4, BF1, and BFV because Battlefield V is about 1/8 of my kills and it isn't displayed on the app. I think it would be cool to have certain presets for characters and weapons for in game use before you get on. So instead of sitting and waiting to finish equipping the proper camo for the map you're playing on, you can instead have your outfit setup for you to select on the app. I understand that working for a company like EA or DICE is probably stressful and non-stop, but simple things like an update to a pre-existing app that just adds to pre-existing statistics shouldn't be as complicated.
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