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LOL so i just went to play a squad PC game, solo just times out, and 12 players 3 teams of 4.... and a literal Chinese Hacker(his name was Chinese but cant put it here obivously)
The game is not bad but unplayable on PC .  Please make this free to play so it is viable again.
I spent over $100 for the super deluxe and you're making me pay for skins(i havent) not delivering map packs like the previous versions(no custom servers..) and giving me an unplayable mode.

Convince our corporate overlords to do the right thing for once and make Firestorm free tom play on PC so people can play.... oh and monitoring hackers would be nice too... but lets not get ahead of ourselves.


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    Mentioning Forum Rules in the body of a thread with an all-caps title .

    . . comedy too , I guess
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    With so much competition it is strange that BR is paid. Maybe it would pass as if it were the first BR on the market. Give free access to FS only. 
    I would like to play sometimes without waiting for the team selection 5+ min and then wait another time to find the game ... 
    FS had great potential.
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    Yes FS would of had great potential if they would of left it in the hands of Criterion Games. Dice had to many problems with the core game to deal with FS... FS will never be more than what it is now.
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