Modern Lore for Battlefield?(Sorta theory)

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I had this crazy idea about how Battlefield could set up its modern world lore as a whole.

The Battlefield History deviates from ours after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of the EU. EU manages to pull itself into a large, powerful global entity, eventually becoming a de facto mega-nation with a functioning army. The Middle East, inspired by this move, creates the MEC, its efforts spearheaded by Afghanistan and Iraq. The MEC soon grows into a dangerous coalition, threatening Israel, Russia, and the United States for "continually wronging them". When Iraq invades Kuwait to annex them to the MEC, US invades and starts the Gulf War, but the size of the MEC results in a no-win battle for both sides, both who begrudgingly sign a peace treaty. Tensions rise as 9/11 happens, but the MEC, stating that the terrorists were Saudi Arabian, invade Saudi Arabia and sets up a puppet regime, making it join the MEC. This tension explodes into war in 2004(Battlefield 2/Modern Combat), when a terrorist organization triggers everyone.

Time passes. In 2014(Battlefield 3), Iraq and Iran are now in shambles after the 2008 crash. An ultranationalist party called the PLR, akin to the National Socialists in Germany, seizes power in a series of debilitating coups. US proceeds to invade the two countries under an agreement with MEC who promise to put the former leaders back in charge after the US settles things out. The storyline proceeds. During the story, Paris gets nuked despite the efforts of Dima and his Team.

In the aftermath of Battlefield 3, a document leak reveals Solomon as a CIA asset, which leads the EU(under the behest of a badly-irradiated France) to sever ties with the US. Meanwhile, China, under nice yet imperialistic leader(Make China Great Again) Jin Jie, uses its military to expand into the Korean Peninsula, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Diaoyudao, as part of the long plan of setting up the Pan-Asian Coalition. In 2020(Battlefield 4) the storyline takes place. US declares war on Russia.

Battlefield: Bad Company and 2 happens after that, as Russia invades US and its allies under the support of EU and MEC. They presumably win, though that doesn't matter at this point.

2142 happens, freezing the entire world and beginning a future war.

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