But, what about those who don't like BF V?



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    That's a silly thing to say.

    Obviously, a game requires some playing to discover whether you like it. If it's a game in a series that you have enjoyed and put a lot of time into, then it's reasonable to have certain personal expectations of it. But you probably won't get your money back once you've played the game a bit, so whether you like it or not you're stuck with it. Plus games are under continual development these days. So it's also reasonable to think you might be able to influence the development. We've definitely seen that happen with BF:V where a lot of the players have voiced there opinions and got the game changed. If that relationship didn't exist it would be the game producer's who suffered in the end. They have to listen to their customers including the ones who haven't bought the game yet.

    I suppose your angle would be a bit like saying "if you don't enjoy reading the forums then stay away". Or "if you don't enjoy watching your football team play then stop supporting them". There'd be no football supporters left. It's equally as silly as telling people not to buy a game or not to play if they don't enjoy it. It's just not reality.

    @warslag my issue was with the above post. Nowhere did he say don’t post on the forums. You are twisting the narrative which seems to be your MO on these forums.

    I’ll leave it there.
    If you think I have an 'MO' then you have completely lost the plot.
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