Team DeathMatch is becoming a Camping Fest when Clan/party players join a game.

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It does happen in certain maps. This is the only mode I currently play in BF5 and find it annoying. Most of these players who are in party just camp the entire game, making the game extremely boring. I noticed this in maps as hamada, twisted steel, sudan, aerodrome and devastation. This is suppose to be a fast pace mode, but becomes extremely boring and lengthy, most of the time the game times out. Noticed it when certain parties join a game. It has happen to me a few times when nobody would dare to look to attack opponents in a close range in a 16v16 game, everybody literally was just sitting tight in a prone position ready to start a duck hunting game sniping people. I really miss Domination. Basically, there is no real incentive for players to risk by looking for objectives or look for enemies to kill. We need a fast pace game mode without vehicles and ships.
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