Battlefield V Platoon are Recruiting

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We're recruiting!!
We are [J*B] Just Brilliant Battlefield Platoon. A group of players from mainly the UK and USA, who play on the PS4 platform. Our numbers are growing and we're looking to increase our Platoon roster more.
What we are looking for is players who are up for good committed squad play and willing to help each other and our platoon experience to improve.
If you're a good pilot then that's a plus! A hard hitting assault class, an ever supporting support class,a tanker who loves to blast or a highly skilled sniper, it's all good. Higher K/D is a bonus, but a hard working medic who spends his time busting a gut to heal is absolutely great too!

We look to try and give everyone a chance to run squads at some point to find those hidden gem team leaders.
Preferably level headed 18 and above age players.
Microphone use is crucial for squad play, so we are asking this. No Cronus-Max use within our Platoon. No controlling or arrogant players please, be a true and supportive team player.

We will be renting a server for Battlefield V when they become available.

Head over to the platoons section on the PS4 or through the Battlefield App to apply to join the [J*B] Just Brilliant Platoon.

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