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My feedback (sharpening, fps cap, stuttering cutscenes, dx12 etc.)

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Hello, i came back for Pacific after few months of break and the game is in much better state now and im enjoying it very much. Still i have few minor issues, that want to bring to your attention.

1. Too agressive sharpening - TAA is good way how to fight aliasing and some sharpening is welcomed, but BFV uses too much sharpening. Especially on HIGH antialiasing setting. I would prefer having an option for sharpening. I play on ULTRA at 1440p and the game still looks great, but without that agressive sharpening, it would look awesome. Best would be to implement new AMD sharpening technique for AMD GPU owners or at least give us option to disable sharpening completely and use sharpening via radeon settings.

2. FPS cap - i can´t reach stable 120 fps on all maps, but 60 fps is way too low for me. I use freesync, so every fps change is more noticeable, so fps cap is must for me. I currently use 90fps cap via user.cfg, but would be nice to add that option into menu for convenience.

3. Cutscenes stutter - I decided to play singleplayer campaign once more. It is probably first Battlefield with good singleplayer in my option. Especially Nordlys and Last Tiger are good, but what brings it down are stuttering cutscenes. Im running at 1440p and 144hz with freesync on and fullscreen. This problem also occurs in BF1 and in cutscenes in multiplayer.

4. DX12 support - i have 3rd gen Ryzen cpu and RX 5700 with latest drivers and still i have micro lags, stuttering and random huge fps drops (from 120+ to less than 60). It is a shame, as dx12 gives me better fps and i can run without future frame rendering, which i need to run in dx11 to achieve good fps and which gives me input lag. Using dx12 also gives me bug in menu, that makes all guns and characters black.

5. Squad conquest - great mode! Much less random deaths. I would just like to have longer rounds. 10-15 minutes is way too short.

6. Fliegerfaust - way too op. Glad i dont play planes.

7. Tanks - tanks are painfully deadly. Especially on Pacific maps, where there are so many of them. 50% of my deaths in Pacific are due to tanks on long distance. Wish tanks would be more rare and less effective against infantry.


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    8. matchmaking sometimes sends me to US servers instead of European ones.

    9. render ahead should be set to 2 - i have tried RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit set to 1,2 and 3. I presume, it is what "future frame rendering" sets. Off is 1 and on is 3? To me 2 is best option by far. Same fps as 3 and noticeable less input lag, than 3. 1 gives me least input lag but 30 less fps than 2 and 3. 
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