What is the secret to DX12?

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YouTube is littered with video comparisons of people with older and newer hardware showcasing significantly better performance on DX12. Every single video is showing upwards of 10% delta on improved performance with DX12. I would love more frames. However, EVERY single time I have tried to use DX12 , from the day the game launched, all the way up until today, I experience the same stuttering mess. I have tried everything. I have tried old drivers, new drivers, different windows 10 versions etc. No matter what I do, it still stutters. It's not game breaking in that I'm unable to play the game, but the stutters are are still constant. They're like little micro stutters and dropped frames. I don't care how good the performance delta is, DX11 DOES NOT do this. At all. I've never seen these problems with DX11. Yet, thousands of Battlefield players are using DX12. The only thing I can come up with, is perhaps DX12 working better with RTX cards???  I use a GTX1080, 7700K, 16gb ram on Windows 10. I'm also running the standby memory fix in the Windows 10 task scheduler, because I've had problems with Frostbite games since October 2017 with regard to this standby memory issue. I can fix it with a memory dump, but I'm also wondering if this is somehow conflicting with DX12? What are people doing to get the game to run well on DX12? I'm starting to think the folks who run this game in DX12 just have no idea what they're talking about. People chiming in to say "rums smooth for me" are starting to mean less and less to me, because it's probably just a different standard. Their standard for "acceptable" or "smooth" is probably significantly lower than mine.

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    DX12 has always stuttered in Battlefield. The shaders are compiled differently in DX12 compared to DX11. I'm pretty sure this is the cause of DX12 stutter.

    DX12 compiles shaders on-the-fly while you're moving around the map. Eventually it stutters less as more shaders are compiled and cached to storage.

    DX11 compiles and caches most shaders while the map is loading before the game even starts.

    DX11 shader compiles are handled at the driver level by Nvidia / AMD.

    DX12 shader compiles are handled at the game engine level by DICE.
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