the medic carbines



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    does the medic have an identity crisis with its weapon-selection?yes i think so it goes from one end of the spectrum to the other and back.
    (for example this statement?)
    do take a few minutes and check my stats since you so openly gloat about yours. also since you really only play the MP40 (arguebly one of the more versatile SMGs in terms of engagement) you can't even really compare the weapons imo. (or this one)
    did you even bother reading the post?
    its no secret that the medic is the least versatile class, and before you even start again i know you can be so good it seems like you are cheating ;) but we mortal men have our limits.
    just compare the load-out versatility of the assault with the medic and you will undoubtedly see that there are some staggering differences. 
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