We need to close the [Join Server] button immediately in Asia!

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Dear Sir @therealroksteady
We finally know who is the perpetrator of the DDoS attack in China, But there is no way to take effective legal action in China, Only because this game is illegal in China.

However, the perpetrator told everyone that he used the [view source code] function of the browser, Search for server IP information on the Battlelog page, Large-scale DDoS attacks against Asia server.

From June last year to now, there are only 37 servers remaining in Asia, 64 slots, There are only 14 left, This is a very serious problem, We need immediate assistance!

Asia is now the time 9:00

There are currently 9 people online in Asia, We do n’t have much time, and it ’s unfair competition for players in Asia, Because in Asia we ca n’t get the global rankings, This is what we cannot accept.

Please save us!
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