New anti cheat on its way in the near future or will it fall short like all the others before ?

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EA recently patented a new anti-cheat system that will actively scan your RAM and detect cheating apps or other malicious software, and terminate them of course. The system will presumably work with FairFight, Battlefield's anti-cheat.

The new system was filed a week ago at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and it reads, "An anti-cheat system may be accessed over a network and stored directly into volatile memory of a user computing system. In some embodiments, this anti-cheat system may scan, or access portions of, the volatile memory of the user computing system to detect whether cheat software or other unauthorized software that may interact with a game application is detected on the user computing system."

When they say volatile memory, EA referring to the memory that's active while your rig is powered up, in other words, it's your RAM memory.

In theory, this should allow for more reliable anti-cheat detection in EA's games, and it seems that it's high time for some changes in this respect. For instance, the company currently relies on the FairFight system in Battlefield games, and most users consider it underwhelming at best, especially in a modern setting.

"The accessed portions of the volatile memory may be compared with one or more signatures that are associated with the execution of cheat software on a computing system. The anti-cheat system may be prevented from being stored within non-volatile memory, thereby preventing malicious users from modifying the anti-cheat system", the patent reads.

It's a bit too early to talk about the efficiency of an in-development system but there's no doubt about the general risks of such an approach. EA isn't quite the most meticulous company when these things are in question, and players are concerned that the new system may punish those who use the likes of MSI Afterburner and/or branded equipment with own software that may show as malicious.


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    Sounds good, ea only need to advertise what brand for hardware related software is supported.
    People can then make their choice of hardware or game..
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    EA's in-house anti cheat system has been in place since Battlefield 1. No doubt EA's continued to work on it, but it's been in Battlefield V from day one.

    I can't say I'm impressed with the results. Around 50% of EA's PC servers have cheaters in them. I'm currently playing in a server that has an invisible soldier running around and all you can see is his gun floating in the air.
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    Locked thread.

    Cheating discussions should take place in @sgt2lipton

    Also, when making statements it's always good to have sources.
    The patent would could have
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