Creating an option to kick a player in game.

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I've been playing BF games on console and had a great time but when switching to PC since some of my friends play there, there's a whole lot of people who still uses all kinds of hack and it's killing the game experience so much unlike the console version which is not a lot and still has the best experience unlike the PC version (my opinion because of less hackers) and I was about to regret buying it and might stay with the console version. All players could only report such behaviors and no one actually does a really good job of getting rid of them. Adding a Kick Player system might be enough or rather a temporary solution to this ordeal though are other hackers that can turn their program off and on but still players can determine if the player is really hacking or not. Doing this might really give a better experience rather than just reporting it. There might be some discussions about wrongfully kicked out of the game or such but with other systems that were in place just like other games which you can do a petition to why you were kicked and can give out a reason why you're not supposed to be kicked out is also a plus. I hope that DICE and EA could come up with these options/system to better enjoy the game rather than just ignoring these facts that really ruins everything why I love playing BF games in the first place. 

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    Hi @Lup4Gh3tt0 and welcome to the Battlefield forum. You've made quite the troublesome first thread. This thread is in part discussion of cheating, part suggesting a feature (a vote kick).

    The cheating discussion belongs in and should not take place in here. All cheating discussion has to take place in there.
    People can discuss the other merits and implementation of a kick vote system here if they like.
    Posts about cheating in this thread will be removed and actioned and could cause the thread to be closed.
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