X-box One no players on BATTLEFIELD 1: IN THE NAME OF THE TSAR compains

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Hi everyone,

Since I bought a premimum pass on Xbox with all new Missions it lossks like there is noone to play with. Even if  I didn't see any servers, and just manualy trying to connect on any operation of this campagins aren't effective.
For 20 minutes of waiting there still no one new to join it.

Can you help me to solve this problem:
- maybe you wanna play one day in this addons
- maybe there are some kind of hack to get other people join the game
- maybe some bots to play with

Sorry if there are lots of this kind of messages, but I realy wanna play it =)


  • davey7304
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    What region do you play in ?
  • MarxistDictator
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    Wait for next week, the weekly rotation is doing all the DLCs in the reverse order they were released in. Right now it's on Turning Tides. But its CQ only.
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