Type 100 not nerfed?

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SMGs take much longer to kill now, but not the Type 100.  Still instant kills you in a millisecond like before. While for example a similar weapon with similar rof like the ZK has been nerfed and takes forever to kill. But not the Type 100. All medics in encountering post ttk patch are using Type 100 exclusively. 

So my question is, Type 100 was left untouched by the ttk patch? Why? If there was a SMG who needed a huge nerf was the Type 100.. ZK kinda rof but much more accuracy and almost non existant recoil.


  • VincentNZ
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    Nope it also went from 5-11 to 6-12. It just has low recoil and a high ROF paired with two hipfire specs that make it feel better. Edit: I am wrong, it is 5-12, which does make it better at close range compared to a few others.
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