Still Not Free To Play

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I really don’t get the strategy with firestorm. It has clearly been a failure so far and has a small population

If it were free it would easily dwarf multiplayer and would have more players than the base game could ever hope to attain

It would make way more money than bf5 does now and since the next bf game won’t be out for another few years this would be the perfect way to release a “new” game without actually having to make a new game

I really cannot think of a single good reason why dice/ea doesn’t make firestorm f2p it baffles me and is just another sign of their incompetence

In terms of gameplay firestorm is my 2nd favorite BR after apex legends. But guess what? I literally never play it because of the long q times and the lobbies are never full

The number one issue with this mode is a lack of players. How do you massively increase number of players? Make it FREE TO PLAY. Duh this is insanely obvious stuff I’m really surprised that given how greedy EA is they haven’t capitalized on this opportunity
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