Teamers on solo

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Why you not do anthing about the teamers


  • tempo_rarity
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    I've read that the ToS has recently been changed to render this activity a Ban-worthy offence .
    The Reporting system now has real teeth , so feed it by Reporting them .
    Based on their declining appearances in Solo , I'd say that they are a dying breed ever since the ToS change .

    I've always felt too that as the overall Game improved , so too would Players begin to value their accounts a little more and NOT chance using cheats .
    This may have also caused this drop in 'teamers' in Solo .

    They shouldn't be in Solo , period , but I also have to say :
    I've grown fond of the 'doubled' danger of encountering them .
    It's allowed me to get good at making one of them Play Solo .  
  • ScCobra428
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    Here it is December 2019 in EA has not addressed his problem at all matter fact it’s getting worse.
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