Firestorm is so Dead

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I cannot believe this. Decided to try playing firestorm for the first time in a long time because it was a daily challenge. I did this at 9 pm on the west coast, which is not late at all

I wait for an insane 4.5 minutes just for matchmaking, then the lobby starts and it has TWELVE PEOPLE

Then waiting for players to join for another 2 minutes, by the time preround starts there are only twenty six total players in a mode that is supposed to have 100 LOL what a complete joke

So much wasted potential on this mode, firestorm could be insanely popular and make EA a lot of money if they would just make it free to play. It’s so insanely obvious that I am baffled how it has been allowed to remain dead for this long


  • tempo_rarity
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    So literally you checked for a pulse on the patient for a total of one second (one lone 9pm visit) and then declared them dead ?
    Is it possible that the general interests of the Masses are currently focused on a blue water tropical Island , and not on a black water wintry Peninsula ?
    btw : 100 ? It's 64-max on PC . . 
    (did anyone else reading that line also feel like they'd just read a thermometer reading?)

    . . . I do recall a 61-Player round recently ; just before Wake appeared .
    There's your culprit right there ; wanted for Assault not Murder 'cos the victim's definitely not as Capital D "Dead" as your claim .

    It CAN BE low-pop at times ; on this I'll agree .
    The 'user peak' that usually follows the Sun across the land is oddly unpredictable lately .

    So here - have a low-population silver-lining lollipop : 
    More Time for Increased Choices in Looting and Planning makes for More Dangerous Encounters (and corpse-looting) and Wilder Final Circle(s) Finales .

    Those final circles (in which we eventually find the actual Objective of this Game) almost always has the same amount of Players left , every single time .
    In a sense , this regularity renders moot how many began the round , other than for how many Kills or Loot one has under their belt when they arrive at this point .
  • V99999
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    People stopped playing because it’s about 15 minutes of waiting and loading screens every time you die
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