Lower damage hypocrisy.

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As a bolt action rifle enthusiast I never bought BF5 because the gun balance is horrible and the scout definitely got the shortest straw. The bolt action rifle damage is way too low and the muzzle velocity is also too low, keep in mind that this was never fixed to this day. Just to be ahead of the most predictable response, I'm not arguing for 1HK bodyshots, but around 60 damage is too low. It should be high enough so that you can't survive multiple bodyshots in a short amount of time. Given how the healing works in BF5 that every class can instantly heal after taking damage and in the case of medic that can do this endlessly, it's much more common that you'll land multiple body shots but no kills. 

Considering how in BF5 the other class guns are far too accurate at range even when firing from a strafing position than any BF game ever before. This makes it a lot more difficult to compete as a non-passive scout, you know the one that tries to PTFO and get in the heat. The recoil for assault, support and medic guns is far too easy to manage and many non-scout weapons have even faster bullets than the scout class, this makes them far too good at ranges where they're not supposed to be good at. I really don't think the gun balance in BF5 is good at all, both pre and post patch.

I remember there being threads (one massive) where people complained about this particular issue, but I also distinctly remember that there were a lot of people telling them to just go for headshots or just straight out making non-constructive and biased troll comments that the scout class should be nerfed as much as possible:

Then it hit me...now with the 5.2 patch that lowered the damage for all non-scout class guns (just like how bolt action damage got a massive nerf compared to previous BF games) we get the majority complaining about how the game is 'no longer fun' and the devs just give in after a short time and start reversing the changes.

Now I say to all those complainers "Why don't you go for headshots now, huh?"

IMO this is a very clear case of double standards and hypocrisy.

I still haven't bought the game, but played it through free origin access and this issue still persists a full year after launch so the gun balance is still a total joke.
I think it's seriously about time for the devs to put an end to this farce and be fair to those who prefer to play the scout class using bolt action rifles.


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    Recon rifles could certainly use a damage bump (especially the slower firing ones), and they absolutely should have true muzzle velocity. Recon also needs some The slow-pitch softball velocity is frankly the biggest reason they're unusable for most players.

    Recon also needs a proper gadget to help pitch in against vehicles. Even with the debuffs to the other primaries, they just don't add much to the team unless in the hands of extremely skilled players. Flares are massively overrated, especially now.
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