Firestorm Weapons Update (What i would do/Ideas)

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Here is my idea for a firestorm weapons overhaul, the goal is to add a bit of variety back into the mode with weapons and gadgets that are unique/effective, and people want to use. My suggestion is to add an extra “all rarity” weapon for each weapon class/category and a “gold weapon” for each weapons class as well as a few more gadgets thrown in.

Firstly, we need to make a wee bit of room and clean up some of the under-utilized weapons that I believe don’t need to be in the game mode.


· MG42 (Not conducive to fun game-play)

· Liberator

· AT mine

· Commando Carbine (Not suited for firestorm)

· VGO (green & blue. Pink one remains in game as the Gold MMG)

· LS-26 (FG42 already fills this role)


Assault Rifles:

All rarity - Breda M1935 PG - Highlights: Burst fire is a point of difference for this weapon

Gold - Ribeyrolles 1918 – Highlights: Comes equipped with 3 x scope

Semi Auto Rifles:

All rarity – M1 Grand - Highlights: Pink one comes equip with 3 x scope and bayonet

Gold - Turner SMLE - Highlights: 3 x scope & detachable mags


All rarity – MAB 38 – Highlights: Pink one has extended mag & high velocity bullets

Gold – Zk-383 – Highlights – Red dot & High rate of fire specialization

Bolt Action Riles:

All rarity – Gewehr M95/30 - Highlights: Pink has 6x scope

GOLD - Krag –Jorgensen – Highlights: 8x scope & Low drag Rounds

Self-Loading rifles:

All rarity – RSC 1917 – Highlights: Pink has bayonet & red dot

Gold – Selbstlader 1906 - Highlights: 2 x scope, High Velocity bullets & quick reload


All rarity – KE7 – Highlights: pink 3 x scope

Gold – Lewis Gun - Highlights: AA sights, high round capacity


All rarity – S2 -200 - Highlights: Pink uses high velocity rounds

Gold - VGO – Highlights: This is the current pink VGO


Gold – M30 Drilling – Highlights: Ability to use shotgun & sniper rounds

I have left out the pistol carbines & bolt action carbines as I believe these do to little damage to be effective in firestorm as we can currently see with the commando


- Spotting Scope – *Active 3d spotting disabled, only to be used as a manual scouting tool.

- Throwing Knives – For those clutch moments

- Sniper Decoy’s – Could make for some interesting plays

That’s my ideas, what do you guys think and what would you change?

I know this is a bit of a pipe dream but was fun to create this list. I think if firestorm gets any update in the future something like this would be amazing.


  • ChickenTheTank
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    I agree with almost everything, except removing weapons. They're already balanced in, I don't see why removing them would be necessary. Unless maybe what's in the game now + your lousy would start rotating.

    I think ammo crates and med crates should be gold gadgets. One time drop, and only have the healing and ammo refill auras, no picking anything up from the crates. Possibly even a set time it will be active.

    It would at least be a cool idea to explore :smile:
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