Happy Holidays - See you in the New Year!

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Hi folks,

Just wanted to share a final update for the year before I head off for the Winter Break.

I'm pleased to see that this weeks Hotfix has helped to restore performance levels back to normal for folks on Console, and that we've also been able to address the EOR Issues that were introduced in the recent update.

I'll note that there are still some lingering issues with the EOR system in general that can still cause for the error to occur. This was present prior to the 5.2 Update, but we've seen the number of instances return to it's previous levels, and I'll restate that if you are encountering the error that your progress and rewards are still being registered in spite of it not displaying. I'm glad that you're all able to see the improvements that were made to EOR now that it's working!

Big thanks otherwise for the feedback on the adjustments that were made to the recent balance changes as part of the Hotfix. We'll be making further adjustments in the new year, details of which I'll share once they're locked in, and we'll continue to monitor and make revisions based on how we see each of the weapons performing throughout all future updates. I'll also be coming to you all in the new year to solicit some direct feedback on other gameplay systems that we're considering making changes to based on initial thoughts and designs that we've been discussing this month, prior to them entering active development.

Myself and @Braddock512 will otherwise be switched off for the break, and we'll be back from the 5th of January. Should you run into any issues whilst playing Battlefield V, or other EA titles, please know that EA Help will be online with folks available to respond to any account based, or technical issues. The Mod team here have the key links available in the sidebar if you're ever unsure where to go. We'll do a final update to our Trello Board tomorrow to keep you up to date on any issues that we're tracking, and you'll notice that we have removed the Community Requests column if you frequently check the boards. We changed our policy on how it is that we discuss the content we have in active development at the start of the Pacific to ensure that we're only focused on talking about the content that's locked into our next updates, and so this column was destined to set false expectations without us being able to help show where we are in helping to address that, and to new make commitments on what you can expect to see us do in reaction to that feedback. Keep sharing what it is that you want to see changed, added, and improved with the game and we'll keep ensuring that this is heard here at the Studio.

Tides of War will keep rolling throughout the Holiday with the Type 97 MG being available to unlock from next week. If you're not able to log on and play this Holiday, you'll be able to pick up the weapon one week after the weekly challenge expires via The Company. If you missed out on the BAR last week, you'll also see that available for purchase with Company Coin from next Thursday.

On behalf of myself, @Braddock512 , and the team here at DICE, we wish you all a Happy Holidays. Jeff will be dropping the year's final Weekly Debrief shortly.

I'll be heading out someplace Sunny with my Family for a week, and getting back into Stardew Valley and DOTA Underlords with a Cocktail in hand. I'll be back on the Battlefield with folks before the New Year so if you see me on the Scoreboard (check the lower half), be sure to say Hi!

Happy Holidays!

Freeman // @PartWelsh

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