Sell ​​millions of copies of many battlefield versions and not care about the interests of customers

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For years I have been writing on the forum for certain issues concerning certain problems to previous versions of Battlefield 3 and 4 and I have some questions that I would like to submit directly to illustrious Lords of EA & DICE
in recent years various problems have occurred regarding a global guid ban made by punkbuster to certain customers and players of battlefield 3 and 4, we all know the evenbalance anticheat has been efficient in ousting unfair players from the game correctly, but not all recall that the same anticheat of the evenbalance punkbuster company in the past has created problems for many correct players for whom EA & DICE have undertaken to solve indirectly as the case of 2012/2013.
Although I have been here in the forum for years to write, there have been past and present disservices not only from evenbalance but also from the help support that EA and DICE has offered its customers thanks to and an incorrect support policy.
1) discussions regarding evenbalance and fake bans blocked by forum moderators.
2) players who for the above mentioned reason are banned from the forum.
3) online support with no ability to call EA & dice company executives or developers.
4) absence of developers or company managers on the forum interested in listening and solving customer problems.
These listed above are just some of the problems that have occurred during these years, do I have any questions?
why do you think only to solve the problems of the latest versions released and not the previous ones?
Why do I buy a game from a producer who does not take full responsibility for the problems?
why the evenbalance company, instead of sending the same automatic messages, does not clarify these errors directly?
why was I until a few years ago forbidden to talk about punkbuster problems on the battlefield forum?
Why should I buy a new battlefield because of all these shortcomings and disruptions?
I don't think it's right that new versions of the game are taken into consideration, forgetting the previous versions without taking care of any interest of those players, who for the same company are always customers in the same way as a customer with a new version.
My intention does not want any way to discredit EA or Dice in a bad way, because the same company may not know about these shortcomings, but it is a way to open your eyes and do better, because to make new battlefields when you cannot manage the support or to do better for the previous ones ?.
So I wish a Happy New Year to DICE who can understand that there are some of her customers in need who need help and clarity.
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