Need Indian Battlefield Servers. Lot's of Indian bf players forced to play on high ping.

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Servers in India would be of tremendous value to players in South East Asia. Many people in these regions resort to playing in servers in Japan/Hong Kong, even though they have to go through high ping values. Some of these players even resort to playing in European servers, since they get lower ping on those servers compared to the ping on Asian servers.

If DICE actually went ahead with their plans for Indian servers, then people in East Asia and Europe would benefit as well. I mean, who wants players with 200+ ping in their servers? Who wants their entire server to suffer because of one high ping player?

I do have a feeling, however, that Indian servers would end up like this game's Middle East servers: servers of such terrible quality that players would rather go OOR with high pings rather than play on their own region's servers.
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