+18 Casual Group Looking For A Few More

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Howdy! Forgotten Warriors [FW] is a smaller group of friends that are looking to add a few more fun players to our numbers. We are a PS4 group that got our start with Battlefield 1 and continued into Battlefield 5. These days we play a good mix of multiplayer games. Battlefield 1 & 5, Battlefront 2, Modern Warfare, and Apex Legends are the games you will find us on the most. We prioritize fun over skills, so you wont be badgered about KD or stats or any of that nonsense. We do ask that you be at least 18 years old, have a mic, and use Discord (it is how we like to group up to play and gives us a great way to stay connected). So if you are looking for a few buddies to joke around with while you do a little shooting, then come check us out. Shoot me a message on Discord @McShanigans#4407 or PSN McShanigans and I will set you up with our Discord info and introduce you to the guys and gals that make up our little circle of friends. See you out there!
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