DICE Here a list of idea AND bug for Firestorm future update.

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1- The mini map "ZOOM RADIUS" sometime go back to 400X when you play, im not sure why but i think it have something to do with all the Flare Gun.

2- When you drive a Vehicle ( Tank or Transport ) and you open the BIG MAP the vehicle stop, very annoying.

3- When you are in the Airplane at the beginning of a round and you open your PARACHUTE too soon the RAIN stay on your screen forever.

4- The 3P field of view option don't work.

5- The 3P vehicle camera for TANK don't work properly ( exception for the Strumtiger ).

6- Remove the SNOW FLAKE from the snowy part of the map, very obtrusive.


1- PISTOL AMMO should be remove of the game and all Pistol should use the SMG AMMO.

2- Add the P08 CARBINE who will also use SMG AMMO.

3- Remove all the MELEE and let's the players choose one in the Menu before the game start.

4- Add the TANK CAMO like you have done with the Weapon Camo.

5- Make the ARMOR PLATE a stand alone like the HEAL in the Inventory ( Here what the button mapping should be for PS4 )

6- Remove the ALARM NOISE from the Vehicle Bunker.

7- When opening a Vehicle Bunker in SOLO the 2 door should open at the same time.

8- The FIRESTORM itself should be more deadly at the beginning of a round, like it is at the END of a round. The Firestorm is coming RUN.

9- The game mode MAX players should be 60 and the SQUAD MODE should be 20 Squad of 3 players ( 4 is to chaotic ).

10- Add a option to see the VEHICLE and the STATIONARY WEAPON on the MAP like in the main game. 

I wish we will have a new map soon i like that game mode, a new Pacific map will be great with American and Japan soldiers + a complete new weapons selection and vehicles to loot.


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    It's not the flare gun it's when you jump from a high altitude, huge glitch in the game it's more of a combination of height, parachute, and the roll animation
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    Something to add to the ADD list:

  • TheRealFoe
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    When i parachute in to a helicopter and then get out i would still like to be able to turn all the way around ,in fact in halvoy where other players seem to have full motion i believe it to be very important...
    Also  another thing that bothers me a little is when i open a safe ,a bunker or get out of a tank my weapon stays blocking my vision ,again with the enemy close sometimes using unnatural means ,i need to be able to see, how that woman survived in the movie birdcage is beyond my skill set . 
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