chapter 6

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DICE i know we had a rough year at the best of times by a long stretch of the word.
and since you have tried to make BFV a patchwork of everything  popular or successful atm. (fortification0=fortnight rip off, attrition=insurgency rip off,, the canceled 5v= Rainbow six siege, etc)
why not take operation health from R6S as well. i mean the game desperately needs some back to basic bug fixing, i mean it might take you over a year or so to get it into anything resembling stable but by god what good is new content going to do if your game not only performances like a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on fire the basic game-play is just a shallwo corpse atm.
take the bullet delay any major content for a few months and get this mess on track
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