Quick Update from the Team - Squad Conquest Loading Issue

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EDIT: We've been able to resolve these issues for Update 6.2 and we're expecting to be able to add these maps back into the Squad Conquest rotations later this week - March 2nd // Freeman

Hey folks,

An issue that we’ve been tracking since the launch of Update 6.0 is that in certain circumstances Squad Conquest fails to load, leaving you on a long loading screen before you’re eventually kicked back to the main menu.

To address this, we’re removing the following maps from the Squad Conquest rotations, and our Community Games system until our 6.2 Update, as we’ve identified that these maps are the main instigators of the problem. 

  • Fjell

  • Narvik

  • Arras

  • Devastation

  • Hamada

  • Rotterdam

You will otherwise be able to access these maps in all other modes, and these changes will be rolled out over the course of the afternoon across all servers, on all platforms.

We’re presently testing a fix for the issue that we’re anticipating will deliver in 6.2, so we’ll have these maps back in rotation before long, and we will keep you updated on this over on the Battlefield Trello.

Freeman // @PartWelsh

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