Most Talented Battlefield V GIRL Player?

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Hi fellas, I have a short story for you guys.

February/May 2019 my girlfriend was feeling a bit sad due work/school stressing her out. We went to visit a friend of mine and he had BFV in his PC.
I had tried it earlier once and I enjoyed it quite a bit so I said to my girlfriend Clarissa that you should try it just for fun, just to get mind of to something else than work and school.
She had absolutely zero experience in FPS games but she was instatly HOOKED in this one. Ofc next step was that I had to install it on my PC back home so she could play it.
Not before long we had to get 2 PC's so we could play together. She kept on playing and her stats weren't impressive at all in the beginning, but again who has with zero experience.
Not caring about her score and k/d she was having  so much FUN.
Days, weeks and months passed and she just kept on playing.
I myself has some experience in different fps games thru my life but when Clarissa had 3-4 months experience in BFV, I couldn't match her score anymore.
Fast foward in present moment and she has ~1000hours of playtime, +65 000 kills, avg spm 490+, medic spm 600+, she plays the objective agressively, gets cheater comments all the time and she is still getting better.
Not bad from a girl used to play only candy crush.
There a very few battlefield 5 girl players on youtube so we decided to upload some gameplay and moments.
She does the playing and I do the editing when I have the time.

"Can't explain it, but I just love this game." -Clarissa
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