Premuim pass

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Played this game for a long time. Never like buying add ons, as I think they should be included in the purchase prise of a game.

Saying that, I wouldn't mind Premium pass. Too many times I have been kicked as a new map loads because I havnt got it. Also want all the weapons.
Its for sale for £8 on its own. Or I can buy  Revolution which includes Premium Pass for £14.
Which is the best way. Loads of extra maps etc. Don't want something I wont use/
Also this game doesn't play any where near as good on Windows 10. Played it for years on WIn7 with no issues. 
I now have Win 10 with latest AMD X570 etc. Have to load games twice before it responds to the mouse. Also lag in game. Never had before. Same GPU etc


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    Get the Premium Pass. Everything in the Revolution edition is included in the Premium Pass iirc. 
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