CeltS Recruting

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About us
We like all of you hardcore BFH fans that love the Game, we feel that the game is die in on PC and we do not wish this to happen.
So we have set up  Servers and are looking for Peeps to play with us, We are about having Fun.
Recruitment is open, we are not looking for vast numbers but to steadily add to the Team with what fits with what we believe in.
We are a EU Community with servers based in the UK & GER

Recruitment is open 
Battlefield V, Battlefield Hardline , Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 4
We also play other games such as  PUBG ,CSGO , GTAV , Arma, The Division, ETS2, COD, & much more.

You do not have to join the cmty to play with us on Discord for a game,  All are invite to join us.

You can visit our Forums at http://celts.com/forum

We do not charge any fees in this community
It is not mandatory to pay for our servers. 
Donations are more than welcome if you can afford it only. 

 Our Groups are Open to all you do not have to become a CeltS Member to Join our Groups all are welcome to join in for fun.

Discord Link
join us for a game on Discord  (text and voice chatting platform)
Current Servers

Anti Cheat Community
We are anti Cheat Community we run PBBans, PBScreens, GGC, ACI, Adkats, on our Servers. 

Social Media                                 

Happy Gaming 


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