DICE remove all bomber variants from FJELL

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i can not stress enough how utterly terrible the map becomes once its obvious whos team has the "more skilled" pilots. it doesn't matter how many you shoot down they are right back at it with no consequences whatsoever. DICE needs to removes all bombers from this map or buff both AA and the FF to a point where they can not tank 10 flak shells to the cockpit and go on with indifference to anything else in the game. its nothing more then a farming map for ppl who can not be bothered with infantry play and before the typical "oh FF is effective just aim" BS starts being said heres a few numbhers for you:
tops 75 DMG
planes can instantly repair with the repair consumable
hit-reg is abysmal on them
even if you get them they get their bombs out


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    skilled pilots, more like noob pilots, if they were to play bf4 they get destroyed in a few seconds.
    I would add that if you really are getting stressed out it is not worth it over health.

    Move on to something else.

    A more modern battlefield would be the answer for balance among all vehicles, and weapons
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