about BFV account

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Im battlefield V player. two days ago my BFV account was banned after I use plane got several headshot.Maybe you think i use cheat in game.but as an old faithful battlefield play I swear not use any cheat in BFV game. I try to connect EA customer service but until now they just tell me wait their investigation. All right what makes me think most that why many hackers kill hundres players would not be banned immediately why many hackers i report many times they still play in BFV without ban. The most confusing things is some player just have high KD or use some skill in game is banned by fairfight. Since 2013 I start play EA game such as battlefield series.To be honest I am a faithful fan of EA so i sincerely hope every player can enjoy EA game instead of get killed by hackers. I also hope EA curstomer sevice can restore my account earlier.
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