Join my Discord so we can rally up players to play on specific days mainly for PC players

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This is mainly for PC players in U.S but I've made threads on this discord for EU so feel free to use it to rally up EU players too.  So pretty much I've seen the decline of the playerbase I was one of the first people who stayed up passed 2 a.m. on release to go play firestorm and I like many people play it to this day. But as of now and we've all seen it. The normal player base ranges  from like 5 to 12 players a match. If were lucky maybe 15 or 16. So I've made this discord just as a last ditch effort to get more people on BFV Firestorm and to rally up players on specific dates to play the game so we can get those full 10 player, 15 player, 30 player, and at some point 60 player matches even if everyone just plays for that 1 hour and its done as long as we can keep the momentum it'd be really dope.

So here's the discord link feel free to join.

I'm even live streaming too and you can find the link to my twitch on the discord and I'm literally doing the live streaming to promote the discord pretty much well as of now.
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