Firestorm Was Alright

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If you dislike BR games in general, please don’t join this thread with negativity. Firestorm was in a fairly stable state before 6.2 for those who enjoyed it. It had issues for sure but was still a good experience. I didn’t get into it when it launched because other BR games were more stable at the time. Then those games made ridiculous updates which drove me to Firestorm and I was really getting into it. Now Firestorm is so odd with how people go down, I don’t even want to play. Firestorm still has so much potential. Majority of people who hate on it don’t enjoy BR in general so they should be ignored as they don’t know what a good BR experience is anyway. There are people who truly enjoy Firestorm and plenty of other people still don’t know it even exists. There is still a chance for Firestorm if the devs make proper changes and improvements because it is a good BR even with the issues it had before 6.2, but 6.2 made it just a bit too ridiculous to play at the moment.


  • Wboson
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    I love firestorm but the hate of cheaters overweighs the urge to play it. So for me it is bye bye. And when I look at discord servers, then there are more FS players playing Warzone also, at least atm.
    But most of us find even the COD TTK fun to play. BC it is way longer than TTK in FS with cheaters;)
    Also what Warzone made really well is inventory, there is like only one line of inventory u can pull up and thats it. Everything- nades, plates etc are under their dedicated keys. Also matchmaking is quick.
    Remeber when FS came out and the time to tick idle on FS lobby was 6 minutes? Thanks to crossplay you´d be half through the game in Warzone by this time.
    FS did many things very well but they ended up developing it and instead ruined it with every update(remember the 4.x inventory update- instead of revorking it to the like Warzone has it right now).
    Warzone devs did it right, improved the working systems and added some cool idead(Gulag) on top of it. And everything works out of the box on day 1.
    And it´s free. (Andthem pays 60€ still, doesn´t mean it´s a good game:P).

    When I switched over to Warzone I was thinking, ok, maybe DICE pulls themselves together and fix the cheating problem and I´d be back. Now they have to fix inventory and matchmaking also.
    Not to mention stupid autohealing(can´t heal teammates anymore), downed zombie squads, "angel wings" parachute bug(how long has it been in already?!!!) etc

    For me R.I.P. Buggystorm.
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