Warzone is much more smoother than BFV



  • diagoro
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    I hate COD in general, but am having fun with Warzone.

    Biggest gripe is cross play. I'm clearly losing out to pc pkayers with laser aim and movement.
  • 4evaBattlefield2
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    I love warzone. I aint a huge fan of cod in general; too small, too condensed for my tastes. And I dont like battleroyale at all. But cod warzone is so freaking good. It's battleroyale perfected. 
  • warslag
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    Modern Warfare, much like other PC FPS games these days, is full of cheating. :( If it wasn't for that, though, it would be a very enjoyable game. You do get spells of play when cheating seems much less, such as when playing Warzone, where cross-play is forced on. And also where cheating may be less of an influence due to the presence of so many console players, although, you then have auto-aim assist for controller users that seems very strong to me.

    Plus, MW is a remake of a previous CoD game(s). So you do feel as though you've already played it. Which is pathetic really but, compared to the crap they're making these days, I'll take it.

    Also there are expensive micro-transactions which I will confess to brainlessly, hypocritically buying a few of.  :*

    To summarise: mass cheating on PC; rehash of previous games; expensive in-game purchases and in-your-face advertising; brain-dead PC players who don't use their mics or are plain stupid; lots of kids.

    Something else to consider: my installation is 172 GB! :o Each patch has been massive.

    And there are no forums as they've been deleted by the game producer.  :D
  • NastyFreeman
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    From what I’ve experienced so far, warzone is much more seamless and intuitive. I definitely get more kills in MW WZ than in battlefield. In battlefield the only way I’m useful is to provide cover fire while I revive my squad and spot flanking enemies. In WZ I can actually get kills and gather money if I’m playing plunder. Battlefield I seem to be able to be a good teamate and supply and revive and get objectives, but find it near impossible to amass anything resembling a kill streak. In WZ I can hold my own.
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