Firestorm, It's time to drop in free to play...

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Hey all, console and pc player here. I haven't really played a lot of battlefield until recently, but got the game for the simply fact there was a BR. On pc I haven't found a full game ever to be honest, but on PS4 it isn't uncommon to get a full lobby. however I fear this game is going to die completely since warzone has dropped. after playing a ton of warzone since its release, I was shocked to see how similar it was to firestorm. I hope DICE or EA see this see what activision is doing and whip up some members of dice to implement this to go free to play and update the map. This game mode can still be saved if it goes free to play. hell think of how many players would buy the game after trying on firestorm. I know this is beating a dead horse at this point but what does DICE have to loose at this point. there in the second year of the game now and this could be a good strategy to bring in new player base to battlefield. PLEASE DO THIS 


  • BrianLocal1
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    They should make the whole game FTP at this point.
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