Battlefield Veteran Status Bugged

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I'm not exactly sure if this is the right thread but the support send me over here to report my issue as a bug so it can be fixed.
So my problem is that Origin and or Battlelog does not give me my Veteran Status on BF3.
I'm pretty sure I got it on my other games (BFV and BF One), but not in BF3 where it actually is necessary to unlock the M1911.
So I talked to the support who sad, that I need an Battefield older than BF3, and this would fix my problem... so i bought that, played it while logged in to my Origin Account but that didn't help either.
So talked to the support again and they said i should try again to make sure .... so I tried again ... surprise still, not M1911.
On the third Time in Support, the Supporter told me to go here, report it as a bug and the technical team will help me fix it because the support cant change things in accounts manually. 
Now please, I'm trying to fix this problem for way too long now. Please someone who can actually help me or knows who I need to talk to to get this fixed, help me out.
I played bf3 on console for years(different origin acc) and the m1911 was my favorite pistol so i just want to be able to play it on PC as well.


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    I'm really sorry, but support is wrong. Here on the forums no one can help you with your problem. There is no technical team on the forums. Only customer support and only they should be able to add the Veteran Status to your account since they should have tools for that. I'm not sure exactly why they sent you to the forums and why they think you will solve your problem here, but they are wrong.

    Please contact EA Customer Support again and explain them everything.

    Again, sorry you're experiencing this.

    Good luck!
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