"Planes are OP" threads are based on nothing but emotion



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    jroggs said:
    "Just use SAA, bro."


    It's not OP that planes can just tank everything thrown at them. That gunner was probably just too "emotional" every time I flew near him.

    That video shows my experience as an SAA against planes. I am usually the one to get on AA however even when I get the drop on them, hit them a few times, they just turn around and drop a bomb on me or fly so high, the AA can't hit them. Quite often I do over 100 damage but they can just emergency repair then refill by flying over the resupply uncontested. FF does 90 max damage and I am often the one guy trying to take them out. Unfortunately as people have said, the game doesn't really reward you for getting those planes killed so most people ignore them and accept the constant deaths.
    The trick is to either hide until they can't escape, or bait them in and spring the trap once they've committed to an attack run.  They aren't perfect strategies, but they work on 99% of pilots 99% of the time.

    Fun fact: if you manage to tag a plane with an AMR, it deals 22+ damage per hit and can hit multiple times, hit the plane just right and it's an insta-kill.
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    Low-flying plane passes by my M1919-wielding prone-self , leaving with 18 damage .
    I could've killed it  :p 
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