What Battlefield community wants from next BF Title (BF 6) ? Poll (only for fun :-) )



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    This is more console related but I want the ability to change L2/R2 for L1/R1 at launch, it took too long to get that ability in BF1, I was using the accessibility settings to get that swap
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    Sorry this is long but here me out:

    To get the unpopular topic out of the way first.... With rumors of games going to 70+ dollars the game needs to be monetized(especially since EA wont have it any other way). Now that being said it needs to be a reasonable monetized system. You need to be able to grind out in game credits to purchase things but also make it so that you can buy them outright. I love customization so they can go crazy. Suits - Change the material/Color/add patches/badges/ect. Vehicles - tires/chains/levitation/guns/color. Guns-color/material/color of the reticle in sight, make it look like your sight has jaws or a skull and crossbones. Go nuts with the customization the more customization the better IMO. NO LOOT BOXES PERIOD. I would much rather see a game somewhere between F2P-30$ than to play 70$ plus.
    BUT.... The game has to actually be good at launch and have constant support. I will spend 20-60 dollars in cosmetics before I will ever preorder or buy a full price AAA title again. Especially from EA/Activision.
    Arieshole said:
    I want tactical FPS Star Wars Battlefield
    I agree with this in both battlefield and star wars. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it can be a reskin of the same game with different maps/characters and I would still buy both if they were awesome.

    Here is what I would like to see:
    Make everyone earn money in game to access vehicles and specialty classes.
    NO DISPLAYING OF DEATH COUNTS PERIOD. Deaths also do not effect tickets/timers. Kills and assists are tracked separately at the bottom but combined as execution's in the score board.
    Give huge point advantages to people who play as a squad/Team/or on the objectives.
    No mini maps/kill cams/scope glint.
    Give downed players the ability to crawl to cover. Stick with the medic as the only person to revive, but squad can do a slower revive.
    Dedicated servers
    Add levolution and crazy weather effects that can temporarily/permanently alter maps so they have to be traversed differently. Levolution could even have stages where a building only partially falls over then could be damaged again to fully fall over and/or the walls would still be able to be broken further after it fell.
    I love boarding an enemy dreadnought/assaulting a huge under ground bunker, but also giving the opposing team the ability to push back and try swinging momentum. I think its awesome and needs to come back/stay. In BF2142 they had titan mode which was just like the Battlefront 2 supremacy mode.
    I would also like to see even bigger player counts/bigger squads/commanders.

    This one might be a little out there but maybe even add some Multi faction war like planetside 2 where it is a almost never ending warzone and 3 or 4 factions duke it out for a day/week, and which ever faction has the most territory by the end wins. After a winner is determined they start a new map. This is just hopeful thinking but maybe they do it on a smaller scale than planetside and add there own twist on it. If you added cross play with PS and Xbox you would have a massive audience to pull players and money from for something like this. I know controllers arent as good as mouse and keyboard but Consoles have been rumored to support mouse and keyboard and making certain roles more support than assault could make it so you may not need mouse and keyboard to be effective.

    To be honest they need to be battlefield. They didn't get this far copying COD or any other game. every game steals ideas from the others but the one who comes out on top is the one who either did it better or does something unique. They cant beat call of duty at their game and actually COD is seems to be beating BF at their game and so I think its time to do something different, or go back to their roots.
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