Can you still get the Fedorov-Degtyarev LMG?



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    ssjsnoop said:
    I made a topic decrying this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ pre-order garbage when it was first revealed and everyone jumped down my throat for not caring about BFV.

    Oh how the turntables.
    Their concern was that the bonus preorder weapons give an incentive to preorder BFV in order to support BFV. But you could (and maybe rightly did) reply that the company could still incentivize preordering without making preordering the only way to get the weapons. For instance, they could say that if you preorder, then you get the guns for free but that post release you have to pay a bit more or unlock more assignments to get them.

    Personally I am not a fan of the preorder bonus plan either, because it feels like crowdsourcing/crowdfunding to pay ahead of time to help a product come out. Some products and services you can get discounts on if you order ahead of time, it's true, but it feels weird with video games. 

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    Dice also said then they were only going to be available this way, and for consoles that meant a limited time window. Not defending it, I think that and locking the Peacekeeper behind all the DLC after the beginning was for everyone and so long before the rest of those dumb Easter eggs was also lame (along with not utilizing the factory finish view model of the Peacekeeper they made in the final game). If anything it’s just lmao @ those holdouts who were thinking they’d do a repeat of the phantom bow (what is actually a useless and disappointing weapon).

    Though to be fair the best gun of this ‘DLC’ is never used anyway (while I see Fed Ds like 1/3 the time I get killed by Feds at this point) so it’s not a big deal.

    ADS FoV will change the amount of screen stretch which will minimize the amount of movement your crosshair does. The less you are zoomed in the less your crosshair is moving pretty much. Very basic and ignorant of actual factors at play but you get the picture.
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    Good answer. I am not sure if I want to change my ADS because it will affect the screen on other weapons. Plus, even if the screen makes the recoil move less, the target size will be smaller and this will make it a bit harder to aim to hit the target. It seems like there is a trade off in changing the ADS. I am glad it works for you - I am just unsure if I want to change it myself......
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