BF 6 Expectations



  • shaggysk8er
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    cant forget the hardcore mode when they bring out the new BF. going to be very upset if they dont allow this as others will be who ive talked to.
  • ragnarok013
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    I just want something that is very similar to Battlefield 3.

    2010-14's military with a wide range of modern guns and customization options. I'd love if the gunplay and gun sounds would be similar to Battlefield 3's. I'd like to be able to use multiple attachments at the same time such as flashlight + laser pointer or range finder + laser pointer, etc. I'd like to hear soldiers swear and cuss again. Would love to hear my soldier yell something like "Stand back, I'm gonna light those moth....f... up!". Or "Help! I'm getting my sh... pushed in here".  But it'll probably never happen in BF6 anyway, due  to the LGBT SJW politically correct era we're living in.

    Anyway, just make it similar to Battlefield 3 w/ more maps, weapons, customization options, add Co-Op, add Battlelog and at the same time implement a standard in-game server browser.

    If all this comes true, I won't care how much the game costs, I'll buy it.

    Everydaydays keep the political stuff out of the forum as it's not permitted here. 
    Regarding the point of your post I agree I really miss BF3's game play and soldier banter.

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