ENG CLAN (PC ONLY) (EU) Recruiting Est2006

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England Clan gaming social and competitive network community that is built upon on fun and friendship. We pride ourselves on playing friendly games with friendly people and are always looking for new players to join our growing community. Created in 2006, England-Clan are a well established European friendly gaming community with a wide range of members all over the world. We play Battlefield V. With an established website https://england-clan.co.uk/ and active forums, England Clan has been around for many years with certainly many years to follow. We use a Discord server for our members to use. Unlike other clans and communities we are not limited to one particular game and other voice channels are created for when members are playing their other favourite games. if you have any questions or want more info you can contact  =ENG= Arshad19, =ENG= JDSAS or =ENG= Napalm on Website
Check Out our discord link https://discord.gg/j9nAJvc


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